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Hi, wonder if anyone can help Im a bit new at gardening I recently cleared a raised bed read for some planting when this one invited itself Im guessing its a grass but is it worth keeping or will it crowd out my plants.I have found it in another bed where I have Arum lillies and it seems to be crowding them should I dig it out. appreciate any help



I can't enlarge it to get a good look - any chance of a close-up of leaf shape and the flower/


 hope this is better.



Are those grass seed heads coming from it? Looks like something that self seeded in my garden once, once it put up grass type flower heads I pulled it up


It looks like something that once grew under a bird table - any bird feeders in that area?


But whatever it is, it's a grass that self-seeds itself around - I think I'd pull it up and put it in the bin before it can do it again 



I'd agree. Looks exactly like the kind of stuff that germinates from bird seed. 

Many thanks, no bird feeder but the lady who lived here before me used to feed the birds. time for the spade to get to work. cheers


I think that triangular leaf shape makes it a sedge. From the size, possibly pendu;ous sedge, Carex pendula. Attractive but seeds around a lot and takes up a lot of room


It is a very attractive plant John but as the others say it seeds itself about a lot and if you leave it in it takes a lot of digging out as it increases into a big clump.  

i found it clumps quite badly, dug a good 10 to 12 plants out so far.


I have it in a wild bit of a big garden, I wouldn't have it in a flower bed

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