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Help please - this weed has spread through the borders and all along a gravel path in last few weeks - what is it and what should I do please? Thanks



Hi Mjolnir. It's willow herb and produces thousands of seeds after flowering. Pull it out before it takes over your entire garden! 

Thanks Fairygirl - was hoping you would tell me it was a lovely flowering wild flower. Will get on it straight away


One good thing, once you've pulled it all up you won't get any more - until next year!


I have this in my garden and it is a right pain.  I manage to keep on top of it in my garden by weeding on a weekly basis from the moment new plants emerge in the spring, and right through the summer.  I use glyphosphate too but this only works for a few weeks so repeated applications are necessary.  Unfortunately, my garden backs onto wild, unmanaged area and the weed originates from there so each season the seeds are blown into my garden.  I have accepted that it will never go, but with vigilance and persistence I can keep on top of it.  Dig it up or use weedkillers before it flowers, but also dig up every visible bit of the white roots as it will re grow from the smallest piece.


It's a surprisingly tidy uniform arrangement for willow herb!

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