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Phlomis. If the flowers are yellow it's probably russelliana. If pink it's Phlomis italica. It looks more like russelliana as italica leaves are narrower.

I'm assuming it dies right down. If its a shrub which doesn't die down then Phlomis fruticosa.


I'd say your first suggestion is the one fb. 

fruticosa leaves are different and that's going to be yellow I'm sure

Hi is it the same as this I was wondering what it is



yes, that's Phlomis russelliana


I spotted that plant at Woodgreen gardens on my trip around the New forest thanks Nutcutlet

I have a Phlomis Fruticosa - I've been told I can take cuttings now, how do I do this?



I'm a dead looss with cuttings dolgarrog. I grew more from seed.

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