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I have a lovely display of mini cyclamen at the moment, but want to remove them to allow some additional planting and then hope to replant the cyclamen. I believe they die back completely? Shall I dig them up and place in pots? Or allow to dry before replanting? I suppose I could lift them and then replant almost immediately? What would people recommend?

Are these Cyclamen coum, or the less hardy mini cyclamen sold as winter bedding? 

I think they are cyclamen coum? Hope photo is OK...



This is cyclamen coum 


Yours look more like Cyclamen persicum which are used as colourful early winter bedding - they're not usually winter hardy but we've not really had any frosts so lots have survived through to spring.   I'd leave them to die down where they are and they'll flower again next early winter - if we have a cold winter you'll probably lose them then.


I always forget the species name of these. They'll be perennial but not completely hardy. Not coum



As a follow on from this thread I have had several indoor cyclamen which have now finished flowering and I have planted them outside in the hope that they will grow on.  Has anyone else tried this in the past and been successful?

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