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Hi, I am new to gardeners world. I am in the process of trying to re-design a garden that was neglected by its previous owners.  I have a peony which I planted when I brought the house four years ago.  I now want to move the peony about 2ft into my raised border, i have heard rumours that you shouldn't move them is this true? I wondered whether it could be done now whilst it is dormant?  Please advise...


Avoid moving,and you cannot divide clumps to increase stock .Ive made mistakes with moving these they died instantly once replanted.   Mulch in spring ,Stake the stems,water in dry weather,deadhead faded blooms,and feed with general fertiliser in late summer,hope this helps!

Thanks for the advice.  I am an amateur, what would i mulch with? 


A mulch is simply a loose layer of material placed on the surface of the soil.The organic option is leaf mould or well rotted garden compost.Gravel and pebbles can be used,but they are inorganic.

Thank you.  Really appreciate your help. 


I redesigned my garden about 6 years ago and removed everything from the beds, including peonies.  I transplanted them into a bed round the corner and then the following season moved them back again.  They survived each move well and the area which I used as a transplant bed, still has some peonies in it, as a couple of the small tubers must have broken off and prospered.  Don't be afraid to move them!!

I have moved peonies in the past.    They don't like being moved and tend to sulk.    I found it took them about four years before they flowered for me!

I agree with oakroyd.   The trick is to remove them with enough soil around them so that they don't think they've been moved.    Cunning, eh!


I've moved many peonies in the past and all successfully. The important thing is that you don't plant them too deep else that is when they will sulk and not flower for you.  So just make sure you plant at the same depth and you should be fine. Best done in early autumn.


I agree with AliP. I have moved and split mine countless times over the years when the foliage has died down and before the new growth is showing through the soil.


yep move it now while the soil is damp  it will be ok 

I have moved my peonies and like AliP I have made sure the plant is dormant and moved with plenty of soil around it.  I also enjoy a piece of a divided clump my son gave me - but I am stumped as to what to do with my white tree peony that that has grown too leggy - What will happen if I cut it down to say 18inches.  don't want to lose it.  suggestions please.

Peonies are said to not like being moved but I have sucessfully done so. Dig a wide clump of earth and water in well when in position.


mrswick, I've come across the same problem with tree peonies becoming leggy.  What I would suggest is cut 1 or 2 (depending how many there are in the first place) of the main stems back to about 15cm.  Do this in early spring then continue to do it each year until you have achieved the shape you want. They tend to respond well to pruning and you will definitely get regrowth from the base. By only doing 1 or 2 stems at a time you won't loose all the flower or shock the plant. Be brave and good luck.


Ive moved Peonys plenty of times but only in the autumn. I usually take all the soil off so I can see where the new buds are for the next year and the art seems to be plant them just below the soil. At this time I usually take off a tuber with a new shoot and found this the best way to increase them. They have always flowered the following year.


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I have successfully moved several peonies, despite my mother always telling me its not possible!.  I have planted in pots and other borders, the trick being to dig the roots up as a clump to fool them into thinking they haven't been moved.  I'd try to keep the same aspect though - I have split them after flowering too, but they are only successful in moving from a like to like location (don't try and put them on the opposite side of the garden).  Don't plant them too deep either, as they need to 'feel' their way through!


The best time to move peonys is when the plant is dormant. I have often relocated mine. I plant them at the same depth as they were. I have occasionally split up a clump, ensuring there are new buds on the sections. Then either potted or re planted, again at the same depth. I have never had a problem with any of the above.


I had to move a peony that was around 5ft and it survived and has started to flourish now, in fact I moved a fair bit around our 150ft garden and if the soil is good and you give it some TLC in its new place it should be fine

I moved a peony and split it up so that I had another 3 plants. The original one still flowers but the others have refused. This was about 6 years ago. Anything I can do to get them to flower or should I just give up and dig them up?

i have three peonys one which has been in the ground at least a good ten years, the other two only four or five. my problem is as much as i waterd them gave them a feed in the growing season and frequent feeds after flowering, they seem to be getting very poor the one that has been well established usually gets four or five large pink flowers last year it produced only three buds and they never opend they stayed closed until the flower was visually finished. the other two i could put it down to establishment but i only ever get a small mound off leaves with zero flowers im tempted to discard because ive had no results and could plant something more rewarding. ive mulched fishbone compost around the crowns off the plants and theyre shooting should i give them a liquid feed soon to give the plant nurishment before it gets too big? all opinions apreciated thanks