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I have been nurturing a teeny 4" stem of clematis that I found here last July when we bought the place.   It now has several stems and loads of flowers which have finally opened.

It's probably a group 2 but who knows?  I'd just like to know who I'm talking to.


Looks lovely. A good find!


Looks like one I have and that's Elsa Spath



It's difficult, isn't it, the flowers varying on different soils and different weather conditions. I went for Elsa Spath because it looks right and she's a readily available and currently popular variety. I tend to look for the most likely!  There are a few to choose from, certainly.  Despite the number of pruning groups defined by the RHS, they are actually very easy to look after, with good food, readily available moisture and a tidy up in spring for most!



Given the limited choice of clems available round here I'd agree it has to be one that's easily found.

I reckon it was planted a few years ago and then neglected, like the rest of the garden, when chappy upped and left about 4 years ago now.   Whatever it turns out to be it's done well to recover so I shall continue to nurture it and give it pep talks and a proper climbing support one of these fine days.

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