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Hi, i saw the programme last night and was very interested in the advice on planting climbing roses as I intend to plant 2 or 3 myself soon. Monty recommended "New Dawn" as it is hardy and will tolerate all soil types. I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for climbing roses of the same ilk? I want something brightly coloured that is hardy, doesn't mind clay type soil, has a long flowering period and is very scented. Am I asking too much?

I used to have Graham Thomas which I think is a short climber, I moved house before it got to the top of the arch so couldn't comment on how high it gets.   It's the loveliest pure yellow like sunshine.

oh by the way, that was on clay and it smelt like a tea rose

Thank you, I will have look for that one, bright yellow sounds nice!

Hi maria 3. It might depend on the aspect in which you are planting that will be one factor in helping you choose the variety you want however, don,t forget roses are hungry plants in general and although clay soil can be nutrient rich add plenty of organic matter at the time of planting and mulch after you have watered the plant in. Some of the rose growers websites can help you choose variety by asking your specific requirements. i.e type, colour,size etc. I believe Beales offer this. Hope this helps and good luck choosing.


Princes Trust is a fantastic dark red climber, slow to start but then it really gets going, amazing perfume and we have heavy clay soil.Flowers until the frosts.

Thank you all for your helpful advice, I will have a look at Beales website, and Princes trust!


HI Maria,  Golden Showers is mean't to be quite a nice climbing rose, it is a lovely bright yellow and is said to flower its socks off for a long time.


Hi Maria,

Four years ago I bought 'The Pilgrim' from David Austen and planted it in a very narrow, east facing border against the garage and it just gets better and better every year.  The flowers are yellow fading to cream and the scent is amazing.  Last year we got 3 repeats with the flowers!

Double thumbs up to The 3 in the garden and never disappointed me


Hi, two of my favourites are Compassion - lovely apricot-pink, healthy and reliable, long flowering season, beautifully fragrant, and good for cutting, too - and Gertrude Jekyll, an Austin rose which again is very fragrant and lasts pretty well in the vase, with old-fashioned flowers in a gorgeous, vibrant pink which repeat well once the rose is established. Lucky you, with so many goodies to choose from - my garden's too full to plant any more! Have fun!

How to make my rose grow well in Spring ?

Hi, I ended up buying Princes Trust and London Bridge, from Homebase of all places. Princes Trust was recommended which is why I chose that one, (thanks to Stephanie Ivey). London Bridge I can find no info about anywhere but took a chance anyway. Both planted now and have nice shoots coming out, so fingers crossed, in a couple of years or so they will be ready for training!! Thanks to all of you for your advice.

Hi Maria, just be careful with Princes Trust as it is very prone to black spots so early spray is fungicide is recommended.  I have got a rose garden ( yes I am addicted to roses) with 83 roses in total (climbing, ramblers, HT, ground cover, patio..well to say I got the and Princess Trust is the only rose I have to spray during spring to make sure it won't be hit by blackspots again..lovely rose though. Graham Thomas is one of the best climbers as well.


I agree, Graham Thomas is gorgeous. I've had him only two years and can't wait for him to really hit his stride, as the flowers are so very beautiful. He is planted with cotinus 'Royal Purple' and the combination of the matt burgundy leaves with the rich pure yellow is just lovely.


Ooooooh, best buy some spray then!! Thanks to you all. Have a Happy Easter.

Bit of an old thread but in case you're still looking ...

One of my favs is Bright Future (Kirora), sweetly scented, an orange blend. It's vigorous and grows to ten feet.

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If you like something unusual, try Rhapsody in Blue. It's a plum colour that fades to blue, a strong spicy fragrance, grows to eight feet. Though generally disease resistant you do need to spray against black spot.


My Graham Thomas are still flowering .

I have Gentle Hermione  as bushes and  "The Pilgrim" which is not doing so well. 

I like the idea of The climber  "Super Dorothy" which I saw at the David Austin gardens last summer

I seem to be going for the gentler colours. 

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