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Hi, need a little help before I run out to buy some seeds, I found this growing wild in my allotment and just wanted to know if its Comfrey or not please, if anyone can help =)

No, it's a plant called Pilosella aurantiaca, commonly called Fox and cubs, pretty little plant, but definitely not comfrey!

aww damn... Thought it was  oh well, looks like am off to buy some comfrey seeds today... Was hoping that I had it just growing in my garden already. Thanks for the help though


lol sorry to be a pain, but can you identify this for me please...


One of the willowherbs. Not rosebay willowherb



clarky you've got quite a lot of invasive stuff there. Are you sure you want to add comphrey. The native comphrey, Symphytum officinale, is a huge plant that seeds around everywhere and the roots are deep. I have some in my wild garden but I wouldn't recommend it for a 'normal' garden.

But perhaps you don't have a 'normal' garden

Hi, thanks for the replies, I have two massive allotments side by side, have quite a bit of space, these are just at the back of one of the gardens, "invasive" that makes them sound hard work to get rid of lol, although its only like this cause I've not used that backend this year.

At the back of the other, I have a space were nothing is, I was planning on putting a couple of comfreys in there so I can harvest the leaves, its easily 4x4 metres and coincidentally it used to be the spot that we dumped our ashes and emptied the potted plants compost on to so its out of the way from the main parts of the garden that we grow in

Thanks for the help, advice; dove, nut


Comphrey is the bain of my life.  Its sprouts up everywhere once you have it.  I cant get rid of it and I never even planted one.  I wouldnt have it anywhere near my garden.

I am envious of you Yviestevie as I have been looking for comfrey for ages, after moving house and leaving my existing clumps behind..  Had to grow it from seed this year, and it is at last taking off.  I harvest it regularly to make comfrey tea to feed my tomatoes all through the season, and also to lay on the ground around the veg area.  It makes a great addition to the compost heaps as well, so I use a lot of it and because I cut it so regularly it never seems to get out of control.  Plus the bees love the flowers, so good all round from my point of view

Comfrey is a great garden plant. The flowers are loved by bees; the leaves make brilliant plant food and are excellent in the compost heap. I once made a soothing cream from the leaves for bumps and grazes, just for my grandchildren. I wouldn't be without it. I suppose we are all different.

Just been out to cut some leaves.  I use it as described by Mel and Outdoor girl.  It really is a useful plant to grow.

The only thing I don't like about it is that if I forget to put gloves on, it really irritates my skin (but that's my fault   )

Hit the nail on the head there both of you.. That's exactly why I want a little comfrey patch in my garden


@Philippa yeah, Id read abut you having to have gloves on as it will irritate your skin something rotten


You can get cuttings of Bocking 14 comfrey from the organic gardening catalogue.

This has the advantage of having no flowers and so will not seed about.  It is one of the best types for making comfrey tea or compost.

David Matthews2

Hi, Fidgetbones: I had heard that comfrey could be 'a bit of a brute' and take up a lot of room? Hence I'd shied away from giving it a go. Maybe Bocking 14 is better behaved?? [Btw: I've pm'd you on 11/8 re: Damsons].

Hi, thanks for that bit of information, I've just bought some cuttings from off of ebay now, they're perfect for what I want, that type, thanks a lot @fidget, the seller has over 600, and is 100% and all the comments people have left have seemed to be positive, so finger crossed I can plant them out and they grow

flowering rose

that's not comfrey and if you need any look in the lanes round about you will be able to pick some to make a feed for your plants.