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Hi ,

Can anyone identify this conifer please. Trying to take cuttings as it's browned off but looks pretty enough to warrant the effort. 


It's half dead. Not the best material for cuttings



Ours is not to reason why ...



soz  but it still geez mi the dry boke.


My views on most variegated plants (hostas and ivies excepted) are well documented ... however, I'm well aware that there are others with different opinions 

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I like variegated plants if they add something to the non variegated form. 

Who doesn't love variegated holly? but variegated ceanothus and pyracantha and the like????? Not for me.

Nutcutley Its half dead which is why I want to take cuttings and then dig that up.

Dove thanks for the info.

I've no idea what the rest of the comments mean.


Nothing to lose,  but a strong healthy growing plant is necessary for cuttings

The growth is actually healthy at the top it must have just been cut back too far lower down, so  I'll give it a shot thanks, despite the  views on what is allowed to be variegated and what is not from above ;)

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