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is it possible to grow fruit tree/bushes in tubs


Given a big enough container you can grow almost anything.


Yes, it is, but I'd advise you to stick to dwarf fruit trees. Copy/paste following website for some information ( I have a dwarf apricot in a 40 inch pot which is growing beautifully, have just wrapped the pot well in coconut matting for the winter and water it sparingly once a week or on frost-free day.


I grow raspberries, tayberries,blueberries in very large containers-you have to provide a support for the raspberries and tayberries

As has been said there is no difference- in most cases in growing anything in a container-it does  though makes the grower responsible for watering/feeding etc

A lot of fruit trees are actually designed for container growing

flowering rose

you can as long as you have the right soil,drainage,and right sized pot.



Indeed, you can gorw anything in a pot, as long as a) the pot is large enough, and b) that you are willng and able to provide for all the plants needs. This means watering, feeding, pruning, insect removal where necessary, changing & topping up compost and so on.Some plants adapt to living in pots very well, others take a bit more persuasion. We have over 400 pots in our garden, with ] a range of plants from an oak tree, to little sempervivums.  Many of my spring bulbs have been planted in pots, thoough by no means all.  Fruits do well in pots, if you want to grow trees that are potentially very large, you can use a root bag to contain the roots, thus keeping it smaller thanf it would otherwise be. 

Pot growing is great fun, but does need alot of attention, thus we do not go on holiday from March till October, you cannot ask a neighbour to pop around and water your pots at these numbers!!  Go for it, but don't say you weren't warned when you get hooked!!

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