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Hey guys first time post for me .

I have 2 Cordyline Australis Pink Palms in myfront drive planted in soil with gravel on top, it was planted last october and did very well up until around 4 weeks ago when we exprencied the heavy snow, I bubble wrapped the plant up after the first few frosts and snow showers, after some nice weather last weekend I have taken off the bubble wrap and one of the 2 plants has lost all its colour and its leaves are quite dry, the other still has some colour and looks healthier, Ive given them a water feed mix of baby bio and water for the last 2 weeks as its been quite dry. The one that has lost its colour still has its shape but no colour is it case of waiting til May/June to see if it gets its colour back?? Ive also trimmed off the dead leaves to the trunk. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

The pink palms are not the hardiest even down here in Cornwall mainly because they don't like to be wet. I have one but in the driest part of my garden. Karl, did you buy from garden centre, like wye vale? Plants are guaranteed to grow or they will be replaced so, if you have your receipt, can you take them back? Is the crown solid or soft and squishy?

Hey Verdun, I bought them from gardening they were in good condition when they arrived, it seems quite hard and dry at the base and has some slight colour also.

Hiya Karl, that's good sign if they're solid at the base. They'll prob be fine

Okay great, I'll leave it in then. hopefully when the weather picks up in the next month or so they will start to get some colour back. Thanks Verdun



Sounds like cold to me - their hardy down to -5 C or so. Probably be fine once the warmer weather kicks in - keep it protected for a few more weeks.

I'll keep the fleece and bubble wrap off this week as were getting some warmer weather up here and some much needed rain also. Thanks again guys.

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