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Last week I sowed some Cosmos seeds - some red flowers, some white.  I didn't label them (foolish) as I thought I would remember which pot was which.  I then moved them around when watering them, and am now thoroughly confused !

Does anyone know whether the emerging seedlings will look different, or will I have to wait for flowers before I can tell them apart ?  (the white ones were purity, the red sonata)



With most seedlings you can see differences between the whites and the coloured ones. A bit more pigment, often in the stems and on the underside of leaves. Haven't grown cosmos very often so can't confirm this applies to them. Going to sow the free packet from GW any day (when I get round to it)


Oh good - that gives me some hope ! Thanks


I do it every year with my toms!  I start them off in small pots and last year I wrote on side of the tray holding the pots what variety each row was.  Yep, you guessed it, I then moved the pots into another tray without thinking..  Nutcutlet is right though, there is some hope for flowering plants as the stems of the white ones are often paler than the coloured ones.  In the case of stocks, you can determine if the flowers will be single or double in the same way, too.

Chicly - Bob and Nutcutlet are right - the stems of white cosmos are usually green and the red ones will most likely have slightly coloured stems
Pam LL x


Yes mixed up white and coloured cosmos too in the past. The white cosmos foliage is slightly lighter I think.
I regularly pinch out young plants every time I pot on, then, when in their 1 or 2 litre pots growing on before planting out, I allow one stem to flower on each. Then I know which are white and what colour the coloured ones are. I try to match the shades of colours in order to plant out in threes of the same

Wow - I have never got mine to 1 litre pots before they go in the garden - maybe thats why they are always a bit disappointing.  Will try that this year.

I grow them large and pinch to stop flowering then they will grow like ad when planted out. My philosophy with all plants is to plant out as big as poss

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