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This plant has returned again after first making an appearance last year. It appeared in among the dog daisy.It is around a meter tall but doesn't have any scent. 









Thanks very much fidget.  How it go there I have no idea? Would it be dropped off by birds do you think?




It scatters around easily once you have it.I find it beneath the oak,and I suppose its birds that dropped it. There is a pink version as well, often called "Canon Went"

My bees seem to really like it, they've been on it all day.

Edd, The daisy came from the bloke across the road but he didn't have a clue what the purple plant was. I think the birds probably planted it for me!

Fidget, the bees were all over this one too! I originally thought it was a weed but as the bees liked it (and it did look nice against the white) it survived the cut!



Purple toadflax. Pretty in the right area. Pulls out easily if you don't want it. Other plant possibly Leucanthemum, shasta daisy?

Will do Edd.

GM not sure what the other plant is called. I've known it as 'dog daisy'??

I have this in my border and it is one of my favourites as it keeps flowering for months and the bees love it. It is a definite bonus that it self seeds as I want more! I hsve the pink one two.

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