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Dear all,

I'm planning to plant my first bulps this year, and would like to start with the easiest of tulip and daffodill.

May I know if i could put them both in one big pot at different layer as they come out at different time of the season, and will they flower successfully without being too cramp?

Thank you very much for all experts' ideas and suggestions



Yes ping you can put them all in same pot. Why not crocus too for early flowers? Get some early daffodils, mid and late flowering. Yep at different layers too. How about some aubrietia for the edges? I would choose scented varieties, just look on the packets.
I meant to add cheerfulness and sweetness are very fragrant daffodils and in my garden they fill the air in spring. Pack them in


i have brought packs of tulips bulbs and crocus,hope they can bring some colour at my front door next spring, finger crossed!!


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