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I would like to grow a very deep red astrantia but websites offering plants or seeds all boast that theirs is the deepest red.  Can anyone advise on the darkest, moodiest, bloodiest red please?  The favourites seem to be Claret, Hadspen Blood, Primadoona, Ruby Wedding and Venice.


None of these cultivars can been relied upon to seed true. You would do better to buy the one you like best and split it up.

I have 'Hadspen Blood', less than half of its babies are as dark.

That's the way it is with named cultivars, they can only be reproduced by division or cuttings.


Verdun seems to be our resident expert on astrantia so sure he'll help but think I've been told their colour can vary dependant on soil type and maturity.  Hence maybe why you're getting different answers.  Grow them all and see what works for you!

Always looking for the darkest red astrantia too.  I think hadspen blood takes some beating.   I don't have Venice so can't compare but Hadspen seems to have darker foliage and more maroon flowers so I would go for this.


Agree with Verdun. Also Astrantia do best with a bit of shade and reliably moist soil.


Well. I think I have found the darkest red astramtia.  ........,star of fire.  Checked it out and it looks good 

Beaus Mum

Oh Verdun, good find! Are you going to order one? Bluebellnurserys? 


Ive just planted Venice but it wont flower until next year so have no idea of the colour.  Ill def. check out Star of Fire though.  The name is fab.

How do you split up astrantia plants
Beaus Mum

I just dig a clump up and pull em apart 

A local nursery had one tucked of got it.  I will ensure it gets as perfect a spot as possible.  Think it will go well next to anemone wild swan 

Yes easy to divide but make sure clumps are of good size.

Can you split them this time of the year

I would wait for a few weeks.   Do it in late September richondac.  

Thanks very much everyone.  So - Hadspen Blood (I like the name) or Star of Fire. I will try to get one of those and split it a some point.

Stephen 7

Verdun...can u help Granny Weatherwax with her Echinacea prob...its got me stumped!


Just seen that thread Stephen. 


Venice is a dark red too. I think there's quite a few which are 'similar' in colour.

I have the common pale one, and a darker rosy pink, and an ever darker red ( which I think is Hadspen Blood ) and they just seed themselves everywhere, which is a bit of a pain as I don't much like the very limited colour palette!  Handy in a shady border, though! The 'reds' are really more of a darkish washed-out burgundy than a true red, don't you think?

Hope you find the richest red for you!

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