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I have to BUY A. Mollis if I want it !! Maybe it's better that it doesn't like my garden

flowering rose

too true about being careful with invasive plants ,I am still 20 years on trying to eradicate a ground cover plant my mother gave me saying it was pretty ,pretty invasive although the yellow nettle like flowers are sweet.

Gardening Grandma

I've remembered the name of that fuchsia-like perennial. Phygelius. Never again!! It was quite tall for a phygelius, about 4', so I think it must have been phygelius x rectus. Apparently it has a 5' spread but it looked to me as if it would go on spreading indefinitely and getting more and more messy and invasive. 

Highland Jeannie

I realised last year - their first year in the garden, that monarda & achillea were trying to elbow all of their neighbours out of the way.  They look as if they can fairly easily be controlled though. ( I hope !!)

Phygellius, I agree, is a spreader. I look at plants' root structures when Im doubtful of their tendencies. You get a good idea what they might do..often a suckering shoot goes deep to bottom of pot and you can see it wants to spread. Hope that makes sense!!!!! Another invasive plant is Rhus Tiphyna....stag horn sumac.....which will pop up several metres from its base.


I planted a bamboo several years ago, thought it would look quite nice, kind of oriental  and cover the neighbours high fence. It did for a while, but I realised it was invasive when it began to sprout through a slate bed several feet from the original plant. About the same time I noticed it had migrated to the said neighbours garden

Absolute nightmare to get rid of and it still tries to grow back through the wall from neighbours plant. The said neighbour hasn't realised it grew from my garden , I over heard him last summer telling a visitor how much he liked it but said it had just sprung up one year and he didn't know from where, the fence is a high one  

Zoomer, listen to your neighbour next his swearing and cursing!

Verdun. We aren't on speaking terms due to a dispute over the fence  they say, whats goes around comes around

Bunny ...
I have bamboo but it doesn't pop up places just spreads out.... Onto neighbours either side hopefully

A lot plants mentioned I have , ohhh well so far garden can take them .
Zoomer, you got the edge on him then can smile but he doesn't know why

Crocosomia, A.Mollis and Kerria Japonica.  I put up with the last one because of the lovely early yellow double flowers and the fact that it grows just fine in total shade, but its' vigorous suckering habit is a nightmare if you let it spead inside the rootball of other shrubs.  Kept in a dark corner it behaves itself.  Don't plant bits of it into a sunny border as I once did, or it acts like some of the spreading bamboos!

Keyser Soze

That lovely variagated grass, Gardener's Garters (Phalaris arundinacea)!

Has a lovely spreading habit rather like that invasive Couch grass (Elymus repens)!

If you must have it put it in a container but I find it will soon fill any container I put it in. 

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