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does anyone know if dicentras will withstand a clay soil please?

A friend of mine grows dicentra, and her soil is red Devon clay.

My mum used to grow them on London clay. They seemed very happy.



Mine grow in my alkaline clay, though not nearly as vigorously as MIL's when she grew hers in acid soil rich in leafmould. 


And mine grew well in slightly acid clay in a dampish border.


Here is a male orange tip butterfly snoozing on a Dicentra "Stewart Scotsman" in the plants for sale section of the Bristol Bot, Garden yesterday.. Dicentras are great nectar source for butterflies and bees.  This one only flew off whenthe first raindrop fell.

Thanks to you all - I feel happy enough to go ahead with it.


And the name of the most well known Dicentra is now Lamprocapnos spectabilis as DNA has shown it is only related to the true  Dicentras, like the one above.


Oh, no, just when i have got my tongue round Brachyglottis.  I think we will have to get used to change!!

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