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Hi have plants that like good drainage was going to use john innes no 3, and grit should i add sharp sand as well and if so what mixture. thanks

Morning bluejan

Depends on your plants and what you mean by "good drainage".  Often plants are described as needing moisture and good drainage!!  Adding grit....perlite is compost or soil will help drainage.  For example, I have a tender euryops sub shrub that needs sharp drainage and I've used 50/50 mix in a terracotta pot.



Good morning Verdun, I am going to plant ferns, bamboo,cordys, palms, fatsia and euphorbia martinii. many thanks


Ah the old "moist well drained soil" i often wonder if anyone actually knows what that means, as it appears on just about every plant label you ever buy. 





Well if anybody does know can they please tell me!



I guess no one ever found out what it means?

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