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Jean Genie

Hi, Huntertony. I have cape sundew. I acquired 3 carnivorous plants last year and up to now they have survived the winter.

 I'm not sure which species it is but have identified it as a Cape and up to now , have not had any problems with it.

I read a lot of useful information on this site.

It has a care guide as well. This year I'm going to try another Venus flytrap.

I find them fascinating little plants.

 Here is my sundew.



Hello, now you can see what we do with some carnivorous plants-we eat them. Good cleaning (many time) and fill with sticky rice and creamy coconut souce-yam yam!




 Have a good evening, ThaiGer.

Try Hampshire Carnivorous Plants -

As well as sundew & Venus flytrap I've a number of pitcher plants, all of which have survived for a number of years. The pots sit in trays which I keep topped up with about 0.5" rainwater all year round. Apart from removing dead leaves occasionally & repotting when they are about to split their pot that's all the attention they get.


Thanks Bev's. Already ordered from the other site but nothing has been delivered yet, so i migh cancel my order if nothing comes soon and buy from them


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