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Bought this on impulse despite knowing this family is a thuggish one.

Im fairly sure ??ou will agree this too is invasive but I was it is well behaved.  

So, folks, do you grow it?   Have you grown it?  


One of my customers grows it Verdun and it seems fairly well behaved.  Its in a sunny border, sandy soil and seems happy enough

Highland Jeannie

As my Joe Pye does so well thought I'd get a chocolate last year.  Gave it huge pile of mulch but lost it last winter, as it was not too cold I decided to give up on that idea up here.


Did not survive here either, though the ordinary one does well.


I've got 4 of these around my garden & have never found them thuggish, although that might be something to do with the "pan" 18 inches down (thanks, builders!).Must admit it's one of my favourite plants.



I have grown it for several years and have found it very well behaved in a number of different situations. It is easily reproduced from cuttings, although I am sure division would work as well.

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