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Hello. Can anyone tell me what do I do to a healthy but very leggy Euphorbia to make it more bushy and contained within the area I want it to grow instead of leaning out onto my lawn from the flower bed? Do I cut it back to ground level? When is a good time to prune? Any help gratefully received.

What kind of euphorbia do you have ?

Any dealings with Euphorbia please wear gloves,they have a white fluid,which can cause skin problems.
i usually just tidy the plants up, if you just want the flowers lifted,put a plant support under the flower heads .

Thanks! That's v helpful

I just give them a bit of a trim, can do this now if your in the south of the country ( not likely to get more frost??!) I also put the trimmed bits in a vase of water to root, after removing the lower leaves, more plants for free!! & yes do wear gloves, I don't seem to react to them but know lots that do & they can cause a horrid itchy rash!



I got bitten by E. myrsinites. Cut back the flowered stems on a hot day, didn't see any loose sap. Couple of hours later my face was numb/tingly. Showered it but must have screwed up my eyes. The skin came off the crease in my eyelids. Red and sore for a few days.

Euphorbias are best pruned after flowering.  To keep them bushy remove flowered stems right back to the base. If no flowered shoots....some become biennial (due I think to incorrect pruning) and I would take out a percentage of the older stems to the base.

Euphorbias are easy to propagate but are relatively short lived.  I renew my plants every 3 years or so.  Yes the sap is caustic so advice about gloves is good


Verdun - do you also propagate using the prunings in a vase method ?  Might try that this year

Thanks everyone for your help and advice. Will use it all.

Chicky, not sure what you mean by vase method. We Cornish are simple folk after all

I do use tops of prunings for cuttings......7 or so around rim of pot. I have also used basal parts pulled off but these are better in larger pots.

I just put my top prunings in a vase (or glass) to root in water, us devon folk simple too! 


Us  Zummerset folk duz the zame.


Well as a Hampshire Hog (by birth) - I will join you !  Might not be a vase - will a jam jar do ??

Hey, that GillyL sounds German to me!  See, I'm Cornish and Im quick on stuff like that


Somerset born and bred Verdun..


Gilly...I should have added lol. (it was the zummerset). Ha ha

Not a great believer in rooting cuttings in water.  Often ....for me....the roots then take time to adapt to soil. 


Verdun...will try to avoid local Zummerset dialect in future,must admit it did look funny written down,but that is what they put on the local postcrds that the holidaymakers send to show they have stayed in the West Country.

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