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I was getting tired with the neighbours kids riding their scooters over a path that goes round the side of my house to the back gate (it makes a LOT of noise indoors!) and today I came up with an idea.  I'll put some plant pots on the path to discourage them

So I need ideas.  I know the world is my oyster etc but inspire me!  It needs to be able to grow in a pot (could be a large one) pref evergreen and possibly tall but not too wide.  I'm not sure what else to consider.


Pyracantha will grow tall and narrow but can be spread wide like a fan if needed.  It is evergreen and has white flowers in spring which atract insect pollinators then red, orange or yelow berries in autumn which attract birds.

It is also thorny so likely to deter errant kids and is often planted on boundaries as a burglar deterrent - which is your excuse if anyone complains..


Hiya.  Did you want to put something that might hurt....pyracantha will hurt...or,did you want something simply to block their way? 

Is it shady, sunny?  Draughty?  

For prickly but not too vicious berberis Darwinii is also evergreen with orange/yellow flowers in spring.  Will grow in sun or partial shade and is tough. 

A camellia in a pot is nice....evergreen and spring flowers.  Dittoa rhododendrons.  Needs acid soil in your pot though.  Choisyas again are evergreen but with scented spring flowers.  Phormiums..perfect pot feature. Maybe bit old fashioned now but a conifer in a pot ?  Yews and junipers would do well.  Or, a collection of ornamental grasses?

Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone!  The plant doesn't need to be prickly, I'm hoping that the pots themselves will be enough detterant - there won't be a straight path for the kids to ride across.

I've never had a pyrocantha - why would anyone complain about them?  The path is not in anyones way at all, it's next to my house and there is a grass verge before the street (which is a cul de sac)

The wall is part sun part shade.  I already have camelia, rhododendrens and mexican orange around my garden so I would prefer something different.  Ericaceous plants are not too much of a problem, although I don't have a water butt so would need to give them tap water to drink sometimes.

Will google some of your other suggestions - keep them coming!

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