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I'd seen this shrub in an Open Garden last year and loved it, then forgot all about it until someone (Busy Lizzie?) posted a pic of theirs.  So I have bought one and it's about 30" high with several thin stems all taped to a cane.  When I've planted it - hopefully tomorrow - do I then remove the cane, cut off the green tapes and let the stems flop where they want to?  There are quite a few open flowers and buds. Here's what it looks like in its pot.





Lizzie has a lovely one.  I have just added some more to my collection, and have exactly the same question over whether to leave the stems tied on to the cane.....  Hope Lizzie looks in soon


I don't know what Liz will say, but I would say let it loose. I think they are tied up like that so they don't get damaged during transportation and so they can fit more into the lorry!


Mine was a smaller stockier plant and wasn't in flower when I bought it.

I would plant it, remove the cane and see how it cascades. If most of it trails to the ground I would support it until it has done flowering and then remove the support and prune any branches that sit on the soil. 

 Mine from last year. It has had some pruning to give overall shape.

Mine is now 3 metres tall, I would follow the advice given by KEF, following on from another thread a good shrub to commemorate a wedding.




Hello, been staying with my daughter. It was a few years ago I planted mine so can't remember, but I would do what KEF says.



Thanks Sue, KEF, AWB and Lizzie - i will let her tresses loose

Have you had deer nibble them Lizzie?  The nursery lady said they were one of the few shrubs they left alone.  If that is right i have many more planting options.  Last year's rabbit certainly thought it tasty

chicky Today at 08:22 Thanks Sue, KEF, AWB and Lizzie - i will let her tresses loose  

Yes Chicky, and it's thanks from me to all, as well   


Chicky,  I copied and pasted part of your post, but why has your smiley been transformed into a question mark? 

l would like to  have shrubs in my garden so that I can have a lovely display of colour all year round I have my ' L' plate on, and don't really know what shrubs to go for , I have planted a clematis which has taken okay. We have a fence so  the clematis clings to the fence. The shrub you have described looks a lovely colour and full of buds.  Can anyone advise on what shrubs to get for my border so they can sit along the fence so that I have colour all year round? 

Sunseeker, start a new thread with your request.  It is more likely to get comments with its own title, than buried here alongside Sarah Bernhardt    Also, if you can give a bit more information, about the kind of soil you have and whether you want shrubs for sunny or shady spots, that would be helpful.


No, Chicky. The deer don't touch them.

Sunseeker, there is a huge choice of shrubs, but some like it sunny, others shady, some like acid soil, some alkali etc. See what you like the look of in a book or Google or local garden centre and look it up to see if it suits your garden.

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