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Flower identification

small bulb with crocosmia type leaf with 6 large flowers in each plant eentreach flower with 6 white petals and a purple c

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21 to 26 of 26 replies


They have the same plant at Harewood House.... picture taken 18/10/13

 Gorgeous isn't it ?


Julian, have just seen your PM. You are welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum 


I thought you would like them Stacey . . . . one for the list?? 


I planted some this year - unfotunately came up all leaves and no flowers.  Fingers crossed for next year.  They are widely available in GCs as packs of bulbs/corms, at the same time as dahlias go on sale like that.


4th Panda

I have found the forums very interesting and informative very helpful people.

Many thanks.

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