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having just been back to the house to pick some bits and pieces up, i noticed that thrown over the back fence (!) from thompson and morgan are a pack of begonia tubers 'Apricot Shades' (x10). sadly i have no idea how long they have been there, although it must have been a while as the whole pack was quite wet - the delivery note inside soaked and tatty.

so ... what to do with these now! they are essentially free, i have no idea why they have been delivered as they arent something i would have chosen particularly so presumably they were free as part of a previous order some time ago. i see they should have planted in february, and with them being dumped outside in probably days of rain, sun and elements (albeit in a pack) im not sure if its worth bothering with them. 10 of them aswell, i dont think i even have any spare pots for them! might have some space outside directly in the ground if thats worth a shot.


They not frost hardy so would imagine that would have killed them. Supose you could still try and plant them its worth a try.

Put them in a seed tray with potting compost, see if they start to sprout. Can't lose anything by trying it. If they come then pot them on, if not compost them.

You might be suprised I have tried both methods, lifting tubers and drying them and also leaving them in the ground over winter. Both methods work for me although I have lost a couple when I have left them in. Put them in a tray of compost I bet some of them will sprout. 

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