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Hi all, advice needed again I'm afraid! Ive got 6 foxglove illumination 'super plugs' that arrived about ten days ago. I've followed the instructions, planted them immediately in 9cm pots using John nines no 2. So I watered them a bit and left them on a sunny window ledge. They looked great at first but have proceeded to get really crispy leaves, with some blackening! I'm worried I'm killing them before I'm even get them in the garden. I was thinking of putting them outside, but the instructions say I shouldn't plant them until risk of frost has gone, so a wee while off yet. I've now put them in my porch, it's less sunny, and cooler. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't have a greenhouse or cold frame unfortunately, so it's either inside the house, or out in the cold. Thanks!
Dave19, I got these plants last autumn. It's hard to say if you've over or under watered. They don't need much watering right now. Are they in multi purpose compost? They're not in garden soil, are they? Don't put them outside. When they have filled their pots pot on again. You really want to get good size plants before you put them in the garden. For now keep on windowsill.

Mine arrived about a week ago. I put them in a cold GH and they seem to be doing well. Perhaps it was just too warm on a window sill, so hopefully your porch will work.

Mine are just in multi purpose compost

Mine are in potting on compost, John Innes #2. I've got a feeling I may have overwatered when I first potted them up combined with them being too warm on the window ledge. 3 out of the 6 look really roped, the other 3 might pull through! Oh dear.


Dave19 I wouldn't water them again. I think John innes 2 is bit strong for little plugs. I add perlite to compost in pots. John innes is better for long term and bigger plants. On window ledge it may have seemed warm....sun, light etc.....but it's a cold place at this time of the year. Wet n cold.... Brrrrrrr! I wouldn't want to stand in cold wet socks and smile about it. If you can keep 3 of them great but no water for a bit. Fingers crossed dave
Ok thanks! So do you think they need sunlight or not? Sorry, I'm quite new to looking after these young plants!
Yes, windowsill is good. Just lay off watering for while

Sadly they all died a bit gutted, but I'll try again another time

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