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My lovely neighbour gave me some of leftover foxglove seeds and I was just wondering when I can direct sow them? Can I still do it this year or is it too late?


Do it natures way. Scatter them where you want them and water in. My foxgloves are just starting to drop seed , so you should be OK



Fling the seed about now Shutterfly where you would like new plants.  Tiny seedlings are already showing around the foxgloves in my garden.

Thomas Wilkinson2

mine are currently releasing seeds too. I took that as a sign that I could plant them now. just using the logic of if nature thinks its right - it probably is ok.. 


Oh fab. Thank you.

There are probably 100 seeds here. Do they germinate easily then? Just so I have a rough idea as to how many I should sow for each area I'd like to grow them in.



To be cautious, I would also sow some in a seed tray in a cold frame or greenhouse then prick them out into larger pots, when they are 3 or 4 cm high


Agreed, Artjak.  Cos Mr Sod (he who wrote the Law) will arrange they germinate best where you don't want them.  I'm sure I never sowed them in my raised veg beds, but there they are...


Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I don't have a greenhouse nor space for a cold frame just yet. Once we get some building/garden work done we may have the space for a small one but it will be some time before we get to that point.

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