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I have 4 Fuschias all in pots, Baby blue eyes, Annabelle, Alice Hoffman and Shrimp Cocktail none of which are showing any signs of growth yet. I believe they are all hardy and was wondering if I should be cutting them back hard or not?


The top growth should be all twiggy-I shall cut all my hardies down to the ground once this cold spell has gone


Me too, wait till you see some shoots, they may have died over this cold winter, even the ones they say are hardy, are not always, I couldnt leave my annabelle outside.

Have you checked the roots for vine weevil.


Scratch off some bark,if its green underneath they are still alive.



Ssshhhh don't mention vine weevilkiller with-in ear shot of my husband...believe me you wont like him when he's angry! I made a ridiculously stupid  stupid, stupid, mistake with the stuff last year which resulted in the loss of quite a few of his Koi.  

But no I haven't checked for the 'orrible little blighters but will do asap. 

They are in a sheltered spot all huddled together in a corner between the house and conservatory and they're in about 10-12inch pots.

And oh Lyn I'm quite worried now after you saying you couldn't leave your Annabelle outside  

All that said the fuchsias I have had planted in the garden and have been there for years aren't even showing any signs of life yet either and they have both survived worse winters that this so perhaps all isn't lost just yet 

Jean Genie

Interesting tip, Brumbull.

Does the same principle apply to standards ?  Could you explain hot dipping witrh Jeyes Fluid please ?

Hey, learning stuff today. Hot dipping new to me too
Veryyyyyyy interesting!
Jean Genie

Thanks . B.B. Golly gosh - the stuff I learn about on here is amazing.

Thanks for sharing that with us Brumbull your post are always interesting keep up the good work on here for us just starting out.


Tattiana, did you wrap the pots before the winter started? If not then check the stems to see if still any signs of life- using the thumbnail test. Any plant, even hardy ones, are suceptible to their roots freezing when pot grown.

My so called hardy fuschias survive in the ground, but not in very big planters that I dont wrap & they're next to a sheltered wall too. I always take cuttings anyway so have replacements ready.

BB good tip. I love JF, but not sure the neighbours do! J.


Thank you all for your advice and I've done the thumb test today and there's still signs of life in all of them....Phew what a relief!

Brumbull I'll give dipping a go. Does it only work on Fuchsias? 

Joe4eyes No I didn't wrap the pots but I'll do it next winter as I reckon I've been lucky this year.

What a good idea to take cuttings. I never thought of that...Doh I'm not blonde for nothing you know 

The potty gardener

Brumbull- this dipping should it be done in autumn or could it be done now?


brumbull interesting tip with the jeyes there.. i have had them in my primulas this year.. so wonder if i can dip them in the solution or not..

will look this up


Bought new fuchsias today Mandarin Cream,Dorothy Clive,Patricia Hodge,and Cascade and also one £100 in garden vouchers today in a competion .

The potty gardener

Scotkat how lucky to win £100 in garden vouchers- enjoy spending them

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