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It's your fault - I was walking through the garden centre intent on buying some hedgehog food and a fritillaria imp. bulb or three, when I was accosted by a section marked SALE and adorned by some gorgeous pelargoniums - now that my kitchen windowsill is full where am I going to put the pots of herbs in the winter?

I had determined that I was going to manage without pots of pelargoniums in this new house 

Pennine Petal
Chris, you are in my neck of the woods, lovely and sunny in Bacup when the rain stopped.

Dove, don't you just love impulse buying. Think of it as saving some plants.

OH will mutter when pulling the blinds down   Petals will shatter into the washing up   But they do look lovely  And I can take lots of cuttings and grow them on and.... and .... and....

and then I can put them in tubs in the garden next summer and they won't have cost me anything 

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