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I am about to plant out geranium bedding plants which are about 3 inches high. Every time I grow geraniums they end up straggly & leggy. Should I pinch out plants now or wait till plants are more established?

Please could someone explain in detail how you actually pinch out geraniums as this is very confusing. Do you pinch out the centre or what & how tall should the plant be be when you do it??????



If necessary I pinch mine out when they are about 3-4 inches tall. Seems to work ok. Most times I don't need to do anything. Are you growing them in limited light?


Unless you live in the south of France, its far too cold to plant geraniums out. At least wait til the end of May


Thanks for your reply. Grown in pots some in limited light.(but can be moved periodically) What do you mean by `if necessary`? Do I pinch out the main central stem or something else? Sorry I`m a complete amateur. 


Thanks, no intention of planting out at moment. Will wait to end of May or thereabouts.



I've never pinched tops out of Geraniums. As Goldie said keep them in good light. Mine are now planted up in their final containers and sitting in a cold greenhouse, I've had them outside in the day when it's been dry and back in at night. Mine are in multi-purpose compost to which I added a small amount of Growmore. 


p.s. I do remove any flowers that form when plants are small.


Mum in law has hers on a window sill facing north and they can get a bit leggy so nipping out can help. Mine are now in my cold greenhouse, very compact. 

Although your eyes can deceive you, just moving a plant a few inches from the window can dramatically reduce light level - by a factor of two or more. 



I paniced for a minute when you said you are about to plant out!

I do pinch out and also remove any flower buds to make a bigger plant.

I also get cofused I am afraid its trial and error, but I did ask my plant supplier when to plant out and her answer was to keep them protected until the end of May, so that is what I am doing, Good Luck.

Thanks everyone who replied. But unfortunately I still don`t know exactly how to `pinch out`. No worries I will experiment.

Thanks again


muddy mare

I have around 360 to plant out in a large circle with a shell in the middle i do this every year so ffar ive never pinched out and they all have grown into decent plants


Pimching out?  Just cut out the tips of shoots back to a pair of leaves.  Use pair of nail scissors or use your finger and thumb nails.  It just makes plants bushier

Have successfully over-wintered my geraniums on a southwest facing windowsil. However they are still too leggy despite the fact that I cut them right down. As it is now late April is it too late to cut them down again? I really wood prefer them to be more bushy, and I don't mind if they flower a bit later than usual. Quite a few of them are already flowering in fact despite cutting them back so low, most of them shot up and flowered all winter. Basically they just keep growing like crazy!'am!  No cut them back a little more.  A bushier plant is a stronger more floriferous plant...and it flowers better too ..   Geraniums,'pelargoniums, readily sprout again so don't be nervous about pinching back. use the cut offs for cuttings.  I never plant out a leggy plant.....if nothing else I know it will irk me all season long


Blue Onion

Use the cuttings for propagation, more free plants!

Thank you my good man! Just the right answer again. They irk me now!

Hello Blue Onion, will give it a go.

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