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thanks Gardengirl i will look at the Boddingtons site tonight after work 


Thanks for the tip about toptopiary I bought a fan tailed dove frame for my Mum who lives in 'Dove Cottage' for Xmas. Service was great and she is thrilled with the frame. 

I've missed an episode of Great Gardens....I think episode 3...and they are not on iplayer anymore, anyone with any idea if it is available anywhere else? Thanks.


After further research it's episode 2 - the one about the topiary that I have missed. Still can't find where to watch it though!



Garden girl, Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have just watched the topiary episode and am inspired. I have the rest of the series on record and feel these are programmes I will want to watch again. Thanks again for taking the time to post the link for me (and others) to enjoy. 


Daintiness I have them saved on sky I could record one on CD for you If you want PM me your address and I will send you one out in the post




That's kind Clueless but I now have watched all so far  and have the rest of the series on record to save. I am really enjoying the series and believe it is the best thing the bbc has done for years. 


OK thank you for telling me if any one wants a CD just let me know I will be happy to help out I have all three tapped to sky and I have a CD recorder but I have to  watch them as I record poor poor poor me hee hee




This program returns on Monday at 7.00pm BBC 2

happy viewing



Recorder is set !  Something to brighten up January


Yes I have it on series record from the first episode as its something i would like to keep in my recorded programs for a while yet.

I've already been into the house plants one to see how he took leaf cuttings as there is a lovely dep red begonia i think, plant on the filing cabinet at work which might have to lose a leaf soon lol


Great series . . . so glad it's returning this week.

It is nearly on TV , cut flowers and trees - I am so excited

Anyone else think the R De T episode on cut flowers was done by Sarah Raven a couple of years ago? Come on BBC.  Anyone else prefer to see someone else other than R De T on TV? 



I really like Rachel de Thame and she has a similar taste in flowers to me. I saw a cut flowers programme by Sarah Raven, but although the same theme, it wasn't the same. I enjoyed the cut flowers bit and the tree bit.

R de T's bit reminded me of growing the flowers for my daughter's wedding a few years ago, took over a good chunk of the veggie garden! I bought the gypsophila, wouldn't germinate, and the lilies though.



I find Rachel much more approchable than Sarah and enjoyed her part of the programme.  Gorgeous flowers for the garden and for flower arrangers.

I liked some of the birches Joe showed us - interesting bark colours and forms - but I'm not sure they're suitable for most suburban gardens, especially the small ones in new developments.  Fast growing, prone to blowing over in strong winds and short life span.  I wish they'd replace him with Mr Beardshaw or Mr Sinclair though.  Don't like Joe's presentation style and he isn't a plantsman.

I really liked the cut flowers so pretty and grown from seed yourself enjoy watching Rachel de Thame, really like to grow cut flowers just need to keep the slugs away, like the trees have nice bark colours, have trees in our garden and am adding a few holly trees to the garden this year

Busy-Lizzie love your flowers great and beautiful


Tonight should be interesting as its about ponds.

Or at least I assume so - the company I brought my pond from had a little poster in their window reminding everyone to watch it tonight (think it involved Ms. Dimmock - I fear I was somewhat distracted to look at the poster properly).

Clarington - ponds on Thursday night it would of been tonight if the shows did not get bumped off TV a few nights - I am waiting for that one I like Charlie Dimmock and am re-doing the pond area like you

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