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Orchid Lady

Gosh Mike, it's a bit late for complicated science stuff  But after saving tea bags for over a week to rip open and put the tea on my Blueberry, Azalea, Rhododendron and Camellia, I am wondering about the suitability for growing all plants in them?? That's my initial thoughts from my not very knowledgeable, sleepy and wine infused brain   

Scientists are different from Biologists....I think, is that what your were meaning Mike? Scientists I would think are more general, i.e. all 3 sciences combined in their knowledge, Biologists would specialise in biology although I linked the 2 as obviously Biology is one area of science.,,,,that probably doesn't make any sense but you'll know what I mean, I know I you will 


As i read it, they are not using tea, just the bag to hold together a coir type fibre medium.


Stacey taught me to soak my chilli seeds in tea overnight (it took a while to master not putting milk in) as the tanic acid mimics a birds stomach juices which encourages the seedling to germinate. 

So perhaps tea bags might work for some!

I remember growing cress from cotton wool in primary school, now i love cress , the tea bag idea sounds a good idea i will experiment and see if it works, keep you posted

I read it like Lyn - there is no tea involved.  They are using the fabric they make teabags out of to form temporary plant pots, and you then plant the whole thing in the ground.  Means no plastic or polystyrene needed.



Its because b & q used to grow everything in polystyrine trays, they are going for a bio degradable material. (Only the material the bag is made of not the tea bag) 

Just imagine buying a 25kg sack of tea to use as compost,  hell, thats one big car boot. Not to mention the cost!!!

25kg? I reckon we get through that in a week here!!
Orchid Lady

Ahh I see LOL!!!  Muppet alert  I thought they were using the whole tea bag, but in my defence it was late ha ha 

Clari, I soaked my seeds in tea overnight too, I don't know if it had any benefit, I should have maybe done some not soaked as an experiment....I just did as I was told 

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