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I have one of those 4 tiered strawberry / herb planters.. the stackable kind, and as i wont be using it for strawbs this year, i wanted to fill it with colourful hanging / trailing plants and hane it by my door. what would be good to use? want good drama / spread etc, and must be happy in a smallish container.


Trailing petunia's, giant fuchsia's, there are any number of summer basket plants to choose from. T&M have an offer on at the moment on petunia and giant fuchsia.

Check out the suppliers, they are all taking orders for summer plants. i could have real fun with that planter!

I would plant it with one variety in one colour

The purple surfinias are the best scented of the lot.  If you pinch back at planting to make bushy, feed well and let them grow you will have that planter smothered in flower and scent.

Begonia firecracker is good too.  Unlike those big blousey begonias these will flower all summer long on cascading plants. Get tubers now.  At summer's end keep the tubers for next year. 

Ivy pelargoniums ...all of one colour......will flower impressively with less water needs.  Osteospermums too will do same thing

Bacopa are brilliant, have a really long flowering time. The white seem to be the strongest but there are lilac's and pinks. Nepeta 'Grannilocks' is a good foliage plant and is hardy.


You guys are seriously knowledgeable about plants!

We have used a terracotta tiered strawberry pot  for a number of years planted with bedding plants. Last year we filled it only with fibrous rooted Begonias of red, pink and the odd white (I am not a great fan of white flowers as they can look very stark against reds, pinks,  blues, etc . It was stunning from May until November. The trouble with planting different varieties of plants in such a pot (which again, we have tried many times) is that they will not all last the same length of time therefore shortening the flowering season. Try the Begonias you will not be disappointed.

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