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L Bennett

Bizarre one this...last year I bought a small blackberry and raspberry bush. They both grew very well but as first season (I think correctly) they didn't bare any fruit...

However, this year, the raspberry bush is growing well, upto approx 3 feet so far but my blackberry bush looks very much like stinging nettles??? Is this right or has a wondering bird deposited some seed for me?!

Help very welcome

Busy Bee2

Do you have a picture?


You could stick your hand in them and see if they sting rather than just prickle you


That would be conclusive wouldn't it Fleurisa


I think simply googling picture of stinging nettles would be slightly less painful



Post a picture we'll be able to tell you better!

L Bennett

They definitely prickle!

2 minutes and I will add a photo


Looks like nettles to me unfortunately.

Very healthy ones mark you!

L Bennett

Poo - I thought so...

So where/how has this happened? IE where has the blackberry bush gone?

Also - is it worth keeping ?


Its pretty hard to kill a blackberry. BUT it looks like you've done it. By now it would have new shoots , even if you had cut it down hard.  Nettles are good for compost or as food crop for butterfly caterpillars, but if you want blackberries you will have to start again.

L Bennett

Damn, quite gutted.

I did add some bonemeal last summer, would that kill it?

How do I use for compost please?


Nettles ,are good for compost they love to nestle in and grow like hell ,so make sure they are dead or Nettle tea is easy and full of nitrogen ,our allotment ladies had the most wonderful compost heap last year nettles 5 feet high,and roots just as long ,


Cut all the nettles down or pull them out and cut off the root bit. put the leaves and stems in a bucket as much as you can get in. Fill with water, leave for a few weeks. It will stink and go brown.Dilute the brown stuff, a cupful to a 2 gallon watering can. Useful for brassicas or anything that likes a high nitrogen feed.  (use comfrey mix, made in same way for flowering plants.)


I was over wintering agastache blue boa and then, suddenly,,brilliant new growth.  Nurtured it as it flourished.  .Touched it...yes, stinging nettle.  The foliage on this agastache is similar to the nettle.. 

unfortunately if you get a crop of nettles they are veerrryyy hard to get rid of, but if you can afford the space let them be as they are good for butterflys and , if you know how, for a refreshing cuppa.

L Bennett
I am tempted to keep them.. Do the spread easily as currently in a tub

But thinking nice supply for the bucket

They'll seed LB but if you want to keep them under control take the flowerheads off before they set any seed. You'll have to be vigilant -it happens very quickly!


L Bennett - I've also been nurturing nettles thinking they were something else.  Ha!  I've decided to keep them unless they spread like mad.  I also have some willow herb being cossetted as I thought they were something else as well..doing well this year on mistaken identity.  But I'm going to keep them alongside the nettles and pretend that my intention all along was to have a 'natural' area for wildlife!!!!!!