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Good evening all, I found this plant in my pansies and I'm not sure it is a weed I just want to check first before taking it out. Does anyone know what it is?




It's a cyclamen.


Not only is it a cyclamen, it looks like Cyclamen hederifolium too!


Don't pull it!  maybe move it carefully if yu don't want it there, but don't kill it. Look up Berghill's suggestion, as cyclamen can be hard to grow.


Could it be cyclamen coum? I can't get close enough to the picture to be sure. We've managed to grow a few from seed but they do take time and they are worth keeping when you consider they are £3 a plant in the garden centre.




Bit early for coum to be showing that much leaf. If not hederifolium then it just about could be C. persicum.


I have Cyclamen hederifolium (aka C. neapolitanum) coming up now that look very similar.


Doesn't look quite right for hederifolium to me.

Mine are flowering and those that aren't mature enough to flower haven't put on leaves yet so I can't go and compare. But I'm surprised if hederifolium is as far into leaf as that. 

Don't think it's coum, their leaves are very smoothly round, and also not leafed up yet.

Could be persicum, not one i grow.  

what are the large ones sold in GCs in the autumn?, might be one of those, not the houseplants but bigger and brighter in colour than hederifolium


comp, most of the cyclamen like to have their corms exposed at the top, I'd pull away a bit of soil or it may rot in the winter.


Thanks guys for all the helpful advice, I had to look up cyclamen first on google becaue I am not familiar with these names but I love those flowers I will try my best to look after it well. I wonder how it got there. There were no flowers at all in the garden when I moved here two years ago just weeds, then we started planting and this year I have seen lots of flowers that I did not plant I wonder if it is because we have been tilling the soil.

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