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hi there here and feel slightly rude for just jumping in without introducing myself but i soon will as this to me seems an emergency.. i received my perenial plig plant collection from van meuwen two days ago and have just earnt the time to try and pot them on but im confused whether to grow them on and if so would they have to live in a coldframe for a while to get some more growth as there are tiny? now van meuwen have recommened i pot striaght into open soil and im sure that cant be right as they are too small for this, also if potted on amd kept in a coldframe will they still die back in qinter and regenerate again the following year as i dont want to be binning plants that arw aimply dormant any help would be appreciated as im hoping to get this completed tomorrow aftwr i have checked the forum in the morning thank you 


I would plant them out straight away, no need for a cold frame this time of year 

Give them a good feed, keep them watered and -whoosh- off they'll go


Plant them into prepared open ground and they'll be fine - make sure you keep any weeds at bay and if any are susceptible to slug/snail damage then mulch around them with coarse builder's sand.  

Then sit back, have a cuppa or two and maybe a barbie and a glass of something cooling, and before you know it you'll have a lovely garden to admire 

Oh, how rude of me - Hi Darren, and welcome to the Forum  


Hi Darren - I'm going to disagree here - sorry everyone! - and say if it was me I'd pot them on and then in another month or so when they're a bit more established put them into your bed or border. Take time to prepare the ground well for them too. I'm in Scotland and we're used to waiting for things to grow because of the weather! I know it's June but if you're worried about them being so small or you're in an exposed/colder spot I'd hang fire a bit- nothing to lose. Once they're out - I assume they're all hardy perennials? - they'll be fine and hopefully you'll be enjoying bigger and more beautiful plants next year!


Im with fairygirl on this one. Planting out tiny plugs is usually just a tasty snack for slugs. They will also tend to get lost in amongst bigger plants and get out competed.

Pot them up, dont need a cold frame. When they are bigger plant out.



darren, where is Tonbridge and Malling where you live? That would give us some idea of the weather there.

artjak wrote (see)

darren, where is Tonbridge and Malling where you live? That would give us some idea of the weather there.

It is in Kent-a search would have told you that

As to the plug plants-would pot them up and grow them on-and plant out later-they are perreniels so don't expect much this year.


I too would pot them on. The chances are they'd only get eaten and trampled by some creature, before they had sufficient time to put down good roots...

...but don't pamper them - just put them somewhere sheltered...away from the full blast of the elements.


hiya darren

welcome to the forum.  getting lots of newbies now and its great

i would definitely pot up your plugs...only for couple of weeks,  you will be surprised at how quickly they will grow in that time, probably triple in size at least. they dont need hardening off at this time of the year and, as marshmello just said, "dont pamper them...put them somewhere sheltered"


well, I can see both sides really...this is 2nd yr I have had plug plants from van meuwen & both times I lose afew...I`m in cambs & pot them up & are under a lean to roof ...they either just die or rot...yet not overwatered...they look far too small to plant out... fed up now so will not order anymore...too much losses..


I suppose it depends where you plant them out; how well you've prepared the soil and how well you're prepared to look after them.  

I've planted quite small perennial plugs out very successfully, but only into good friable loam which had FYM dug into it earlier.  

I've also ensured that they've not had to compete for space, and if they were susceptible to slugs I've put coarse builders' sand around them and have been pleased with the results.  They've bulked up well and have come through the following winter with few losses.  If I remember correctly the penstemons were the least successful but I didn't lose so many that I wouldn't do it again.



hers this yrs plugs.. geranium & busy lizzie.. as u can see some have died...


But geranium and busy lizzie aren't hardy perennials - they need quite a bit more tlc, particularly this cold spring. 


ok.. will wait abit.. had them for 3/4wks now...I live in hopes..


Lazy G, please put your muzzle on; this is the second time this evening that you have been rude to me on a post. What is your problem?



can you put them outside and cover with fleece?

keep them warm and protected from slugs and other pests...fleece will do this.

your plants are, as dove said, not hardy.  your plants require different conditions too...your geraniums (really called pelagoniums) need drier sunnier spots and your busy lizzies prefer cool shade

well thank you for your help everyone so freindly aswell  i think i will plant out half and pot half on and see which works best but more have recently wilted and gave i am not impressed by van meuwen and should have listened to the reviews but who could resist 72 plugs for 9.99 it did seem too good to be true as was told they would be between 8 and 9 cm including rootball they are more like 3.. but i have complained and they are sending through another load for free so we will see how that goes but wont be using them again.. can anyone recommened a good place to buy some perenial plug plants at an affordable price as i have now got my 1st baby daughter and as u can imagine money is tight at the moment lol.. but thank you again everyone i have joined many forums before but none as freindly s here and very helpful 


well done u for getting some more free...I did`nt think of that but like u I had wilting etc so lost afew.. car boots are at times good for cheaper plants..

yes this is a great site for advice & chats.. happy planting..

I think i agree with Fairy Girl in that if you grow them on for a couple of weeks it will help the root system to establish a little better and after all you won't lose much for the sake of a couple of weeks.

Darren,i have just bought some perenial plug plants from J Parkers for £4-99 for there perenial collection in which you get 2 of each of 6 varieties and although it is pot luck with what you get they are decent sized plugs and seem in decent condition.I  got  delphiniums,campanula Carpatica,Trifolium amongst others so it is worth checking out J parkers website.