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Hi All,

I've not long moved into my first house and have inherited some plants from the previous owners. I thought I'd let them all come up over the spring\summer so that I could see what they were but I need help identifying the one in the pictures. It's come out in masses of lovely red and yellow flowers....



Many thanks for your help  


Looks like a Mimulus of some sorts

Fantastic, quick google and I think your spot on!  

Sorry, got another one here but I'm unsure if it's a weed or not!





hollie hock

The buds look as if it's a centura plant, a perennial type of cornflower.

I have quite a bit of here, I like it but it will spread

Excellent - Thanks very muchly!  



Sorry, but the second one looks like a daisy to me.


The second one is definetely the perennial cornflower.

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