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Hello, I am helping my son and his wife to tidy their garden and have come across a vigorous vine that i do not recognise.Its leaves are approx an inch long and half an inch wide, mid green, on a pink to red stem. Leaves are approx three and a half inches apart along the stem and grow on alternate sides of the stem. I wonder if anyone recognises it. I have taken a photo but dont know yet whether i can upload it.

Try Russian vine, if it is get rid of it

Might be a variety of parthenocissus - Virginia creeper. Is it climbing up a wall, and if so, does it have self- clinging tendrils or does it need support? A photo would be very helpful re ID.

If it is Russian Vine I agree with Kate1123 get rid of it. It is also called mile a minute plant because it grows so quickly. It does look very pretty when it has its white flowers on it, my friend had one growing at the bottom of her garden but they do take over. You can upload your photo Bluemoon2 just click on the icon that looks like a tree in the bar above.

Thank you all for your help. Have discovered it is a Russian Vine/ Mile a minute and will remove asap. Discounted honeysuckle or clematis as they seem to grow their leaves in pairs (located adjacent on the stem).


Alina W

Be careful not to leave any bits of Russian vine lying around - they will root given half a chance.

Oh! dear. It is a pest isn't it. Thanks for the warning Alena

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