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Jack 3


These might be a bit challenging (but what do I know) as they are shrubs that are only just coming into leaf. The first two, I'm just curious to what they are, the third and fourth need some TLC and I want to find out the best care for them.










I think 3a and b are weigela. It could have pale pink or dark pink flowers. Not sure about the others atm.



Jack 3

Thank you Gardenmaiden! I'm going to look up Weigela's now.


need close-ups of 1 & 2

4 MAY be a philadelphus, but cannot be sure.

Jack 3

Cheers artjak, I'll get close ups then. Philadelphus look nice when they flower, just seen pictures.



And the scent of Philadelphus is to die for 

Jack 3

Ah, nice!


4 could be kolwitzia


the more I look at it, I reckon it's Kolwitzia amabilis. But I'd not stake my reputation on it.

Jack 3

Ah thanks Hostafan, I just thought actually that I have a picture from last September of it, but it is bad quality, I had to zoom and crop it. Maybe you'll be able to tell though what it is from this.


1) looks like Dogwood, Latin name Cornus. Often has bright red stems giving colour to the garden in winter. Prune in winter (should be ok now still) taking out some of the thicker stems at the base and then new ones will shoot from ground level. 

Jack 3

Hi JanO. I think this is a rather misleading/bad picture I have taken. One thing I've learnt from this forum is what Cornus/dogwood is, I have one at the other side of the garden, I don't think this is one. Thanks for the advice on pruning also, yes someone told me about this, I pruned it already and thanks to watching a GW video on dogwood, I've propagated some too and have two stems in a pot which are starting to branch 

Thank you though!


It's not dogwood Jack. I think Hostafan could well be right with Kolkwitzia which I may have mis-spelled. The remains of the flowers/seeds look right

Dogwood get berries after the flowers

Jack 3

Hi nutcutlet, I think JanO was writing about the plant in pic1. Ah I was hoping those flower/seed head remains would be a clue. Going to look Kolwitzia amabilis up now, cheers everyone!.

Anyone have any more ideas about 3?

Jack 3

Hi Mike!

Yes I mentioned Ruxley in another thread somewhere, I forgot all about that thread, that'll teach me for posting late at night. Thanks for the PM, that would be great, when I've got a day off, I can cycle round sometime, would love to see your garden.

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