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the flowers on my honeysuckle keep dying and wilting every year as they are about to open,i,ve noticed some tiny holes in the flower buds notbsure if this is some kind of parasite...

sometimes bumblebees "steal" nectar from flowers by pushing their tongues through the unopened flower tissue. They do it especially with long thin flowers that are probably a pain for them to struggle into. If you see one of these clever little critters doing it and listen hard you'll hear a little popping sound as they break through the wall of the bud. Runner beans often don't set because the flower has been got at like this.


Wow Waterbutts I didn't know that....learn something new everyday

ok ,cheers fella i'll keep a look out for the little crittters...


problem solved,on investigation of flower buds i noticed some white grubs inside them ,any ideas what they are?

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