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I have this plant it is now in its 3rd year and I was expecting a few flowers. this winter

It is about 6ft high, protected and growing up a fence with some support. What have I done wrong? Should I cut it back?

It seems healthy just no flowers


What a beautiful pink wheelbarrow. I heard about it on another thread, never seen one like that. Jealous!

Sorry, don't know about the honeysuckle, perhaps it's still to young, perhaps it's so happy and healthy it doesn't see the point of making flowers. (Which are for reproduction, after all.)


I have one flower on one of my winter flowering honeysuckles this year, a few buds to come on one, nothing on the other. Previous years there have been lots. The weather again?


Does everybody think pruning back is the answer to shy flowering?


I think it might still flower a bit later in the winter/earlier in the spring, but if it doesn't I'd cut it back in late March and then in the summer give it a dose of rose fertiliser - that ought to remind it what it's here for   

Yet another plant I need to find room for in this new garden 



BJay- it looks a gorgeous plant. Book says prune after flowering, typical, but doesnt say whether it flowers on old or new wood.

Flowering can be up to/including March apparently, so I'd leave any tidy up until then.

If it flowers on old wood, did you prune it last yr, to 'tidy' up & thus remove the chance of any flowers this yr?

I'd certainly feed it after any pruning too. J.


Basing plant care on the 1st year sleep, 2nd year creep, 3rd year leap I have left it alone. I will leave it and give it some feed in spring. Was really asking to see what to do later.


Never heard that 1-3yr senario before Bjay, but like the idea.

I suppose as long as it looks healthy & isnt causing you too much trouble by looking untidy, then giving it another chance worth it. J.


Jo, it flowers on wood produced in the previous season (old wood) so the sooner it is pruned after flowering the better 


Right, so if Bjay did a tidy up she could have removed the potential flowering wood. Did you do a tidy up Bjay? J.


NO - left well alone to mature. 

That 3 year 'plan' seems to work for shrubs and roses especially as I plant young plants - cheaper

 the honeysuckle certainly leapt last year (3rd year)



Problem has been the lack of sunlight/warmth to ripen the wood. Neither Winter Beauty, fragrantssima nor L. Budpest have shown much in the way of flowering here. The buds just did not get the right growing conditions. This is going to be a problem with many shrubs.

Pennine Petal

I threaten my plants when they haven't flowered, it always seems to work


Thanks Berghill

Thanks all, Looks like its back to talking to it -angrily

Think Jo and Dove I will leave it, and feed it


The one flower I have is on old wood. I don't think pruning is the answer. What we need is a summer.


I grow winter beauty. It's cut back every year after flowering to produce flowers again following winter. I think, when it does flower, you need to get Imto a regime of regular annual pruning. Mine is cut back hard.

Thanks Verdun


Mine is still asleep too, I blame it ALL on the weather last year....I'm not a happy bunny at the moment as it is by the window and reminds me that warmer days are a coming....nothing this year.

The sun came out yesterday and the weather put a cork in the bucket in the sky, so I was able to viev the "estate". Lots of plants shooting up, I hope we do not get a sharp frost which might hurt them. Never mind, fingers crossed and back to hot drink and seed catalogues Enjoy everyone!

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