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I have room for a honeysuckle, but only one.  I don't want an early flowering one but I've no idea which to choose.  I'd go for disease free and easy to grow if possible and there is a wired fence to grow it against.  Please tell me which one you love.  I have no colour preference except yellow isn't my favourate colour but I have an open mind.  Thank you for your help.

hollie hock

I have a deep red and white one and one that's more of a pinky colour. I would go for a strong scented one Don't know them by name sorry



I like this one - Lonicera 'Red Gables' but there are many others.  This flowers from midsummer onwards... it has scent in the evenings mostly... less during the day...

[can't post photo, sorry]...oh, here we go....


That's beautiful Salino.

I've seen one advertised called Loncera Japonica Darts World.  Its described as pink but looks red.  Do you have any experience of that one?



..I've not grown that one, no... perhaps someone else has here... it looks very nice, a semi evergreen Japonica type... flowers fade to a creamy yellow I think, after starting out pink/white.... certainly makes a change from the usual 'Halliana' that belongs to this group..

I think I'll look for red gables.  Thanks so much

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