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joyce mannell

My friend wants a horseradish plant has anyone got one to spare please


joyce m

I bought mine as a root in teh veggie section of a supermarket.

Please advise your friend to plant it in a pot or it will runaway with itself and invade her entire garden.


oooh thats what i want will ask in my greengrocers

joyce mannell


I have told my friend thank you


joyce m

chilli lover

Yes it's a thug! We still get it after several years of glyphosate! Joyce - since you are local to me maybe I could try and dig one up - but they are deep rooted/tricky so no   guarantee of success! Message me?


joyce mannell

I have just seen the discussion page with all your replies thank you


the tree has started to grow leaves i am no wiser to what it is i have looked on google but cant see anything the same 


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