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Here is my House Leek flowering; considering it is planted in a small gap in our garden wall it's doing pretty well for itself

Unfortunately, they die after flowering. But there is another rosette so all is not lost.

Oh no that is sad. Do they usually flower? This is the first time i have seen one

It is not unusual for them to flower. If they are well fed and watered they produce fewer flowers and more new rosettes, but if they are kept hungry and thirsty they are more likely to flower instead of producing more rosettes.

They are cheap and common in garden centres so you could put some more in the wall if you wish, It is the sort of place where they grow in the wild so it will suit them. They are easy to grow from seed as well, so you could try that too.

Thanks for the info Alan. I accidentally pulled off a loose plant from this one and potted it up; hopefully I wont have to buy any more when this one dies!


There are quite a few varieties  - from titchy to large and hairy to smooth- some flower more readily than others.  It's a normal process for them but they usually have tiny rosettes to take over once the main one has flowered and died.

Fascinating plants 

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