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I just wanted to know whats the best way to store lily bulbs? mine have just finished flowering so I dugged them up and I don't know how to store them to grow next year

Becasue I need to change the soil in that pot

Alex, depends on what kind of Lilium, there are many types and various rooting systems, most are just left in the ground over winter, in any case most of them need to be in the ground or pots by Autumn.
Stored bulbs shrivel and if you buy shop or garden centre bulbs it is best to rest them in damp peat or compost to bulk up again.
All you needed to do was dig down to the bulb remove any bulbils (Tiny Plates attached to the main bulb)  then refresh the soil around and above the bulb and place in a shelter spot until they start to show leaf.
I lift mine every three years divide them up and spread them out replanting them as I go, Any bulbils taken should be put into pots in a sheltered space and left to grow on around three years to flowers depending on type.
Refresh the soil with half compost and half loam and grit mixed then replant the bulbs put them in a sheltered place and they will show in spring, do not over water, stick a finger in the pot and it should have just a bit of the fibre on it, if the finger is muddy let them dry out a bit. Few plants need much water in winter just damp is enough.
Hope this helps but you can bet there will be other thoughts on this, we all have our ways.



Some of mine have lived in their pots for years and years, so you don't need to replace the soil each year - just clean your pots up, refill and replant the lilies in the pots.  Then keep somehwere slightly sheltered - mine go down beside the greenhouse, under a hedge is fine, near the house - in fact its more for the pots than the bubs - I've had them freeze solid and they still flower each year. 

Thanks for the information people 

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