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When you dead-head do you just cut the head off or do you go down to the last leaf or new bud?  Thank you

Alina W

If there are a group of buds together then just remove the flower and its stalk. If there is only one flower, then cut it down to the nearest true leaf. If the stem is long, you can cut it down to a pair of leaves at a convenient height.

Thank you - will be doing that this weekend then!

Paul N

I find many gardeners don't prune low enough. Yes, as Alina rightly said, just dead head the dead flower if there is a cluster, but when all have expired, prune down a good few inches, four of five inches is not too much (same with HTs) to a leaf with an outward facing bud.

I agree with Paul, and most gardeners don't prune low enough.    I was told the best rose pruner is a generous lady!      She cuts enough stem off to go in a  vase.   I used to just pull the flower head off, but doesn't that look awful.    All those chopped off stems sticking up!


Thanks so much, didn't want to go too low in case ruined it, but will give it a good going over at weekend.

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