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Could anyone tell me how to, or if it possible to divide clumps pf rockery phlox plants.We have two large plants, different colours, growing in pots & would like to plant some cutting or root of them into another area of the garden...


They divide really easily - take them out of their pots, part the stems and cut downwards across the middle cutting it in half, and again in quarters if you want to.  I used to use an old breadknife but you could use a proper gardening knife if you like 

Then just pot them up or plant them out where you want them, having prepared the soil a bit first.  If you're doing it in the summer they'll need penty of water until they've got used to the shock - I find it better to divide them in the autumn - the soil is still warm (we hope) from the summer, so the roots will put on some growth, and the sun shouldn't be too hot (some hope) so they won't dry out too easily. 


Never tried dividing Phlox subulata or P. douglasii, the alpine ones, but never needed to, they root as they go so all you need to do is take rooted stems and pot them up. If they are in pots then put a few pots of compost round the plant, under the folage and peg stems down, they will soon take root.


That's handyto know Berghill.

I have a Emerald blue cushion that has overgrown its allotted space and was hoping to divide successfully in the autumn as Dove has suggested but will absolutely use this tip where and when I can

HI, thanks guys.....will check the plant label when I get a don't want to lose they have grown from a .99p ( small ) to two very large & beautiful plants...cheers for the advice...ah..looked one vergettingpich ( spelt wrong !!) & Daniels fold...

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