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A friend gave me a pot of three Pink Pearl hyacinths and now they have finished flowering I am wondering whether it's best to throw them in the compost, or whether they would flower if planted in the garden for next year?  I've never had any success doing this before, and got leaves but no flowers...any advice would be most helpful!


They may not flower next year if they have been forced indoors but they do get back to flowering in 2 years in my experience-if you have the space then pop them in.

Give them a bit of a feed perhaps.

Cheers, sotongeoff - what would be the best food for them?


Any general fertilizer will do- liquid growmore for example.

Alina W

They should really flower in their first year, I've found. Are you planting them deep enough? They should have at least twice the bulb's own height of soil above them - it doesn't matter that you're covering the leaves.

I agree that feeding is a good idea - any general purpose fertilizer will do as long as it's watered on.


Thank you again, sotongeoff, I'll do just that!

Much appreciated, thank you


Thanks for that, Alina.  It's years since I even bothered to try, but it's possible that I may have planted those ones too shallowly.  I'm normally pretty good with bulb-depth, though but I'll make doubly sure I do it properly!

thank you



I planted some hyacinths next to my front door which I received as a growing Xmas present and they flowered the following spring.  They are in a spot which gets baked in the sun and they are quite deep because I mulch the garden every year.  They always flower earlier than my other hyacinths.

Thanks for that - I will certainly bear it in mind when I plant them out!


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