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With all the talk about Hydrangea's I was wondering which are your favourite types of shrubs do you grow pink or blue or somewhere in between or your growing conditions  i e  Acid /A lkaline




Neither as that kind does not survive my winter.   they flower on old wood which always gets frozen to pieces.

Last year I planted two of the paniculata kind which flower on new growth.  It remains to be seen how they cope.


I grow the most amazing hydrangea aborescens 'Annabelle'. Football size whitey flowers, slight perfume and really blousey. Just love it

Never really liked them till I met her

Unfortunately this is off internet, do not have photo of my own


Hi Rosa , Unfortunately I don't one in my present garden ,but I had one in my first house when I lived in Dublin it was a glorious pink mop-head . North county Dublin is very chalky so if you wanted a blue you had to add sequestration of iron



This is a hydrangea Annabelle last year in my garden. I have got several now as they are very easy to propagate. I have got them growing in both sun and shade and they seem to perform well.


 They brighten up a dull corner.




Never grown Annabelle but i know of it. Interesting that it grows well in sun in your garden. Lovetogarden.
Must try to see where I can plant one

This is the 2nd garden I have had it. The first was in sun, In this garden it was one of the first plants I put in, here it has shade in the morning and this year the flowers were so large I had to put in supports

Gardening Grandma

That's what I waas wondering about Annabelle. The flowers are gorgeous but the stems seem lax and in need of support. I like hydrangeas, they give such value for money in terms of their long flowering period and toughness - and they are so easy to propagate from cuttings.

It's becoming quite common I notice on new plants bred for size of flower that the supporting stems are not strong enough to support them. Many of the new echinaceas wilt when the flower head develops.....maybe Annabelle is another example of this

i have both in same garden so guessing my compost heap has had different ph levels when i mulched round them


I love Hydrangeas. When I was a child we had one outside our front door. 

I think it is the nostalgia reason that I want one. 

I have 2 hydrangeas in large pots have had them for years i have now took 2 cuttings of them the type were you cut a part of that's self rooted its self i have potted them up and what i want to know is when can i put them in the garden I have just done this in the last 2 days and they are now in my green house


Red John:     If they were off shoots already rooted, you should put them in the garden straight away. 

thanks will do when the weather lets me

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