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I have a balcony above my front door and would like to add a container of plants under it.

It does get some light but no water ~(apart form what i would give it). Do you have any ideas of a suitable plant. I would like something with colour and flowers.


Hmm...I think a wide range of plants would suit your container.Assuming it received regular watering,the water wouldn't be an issue.If the container gets 'some' light,can we assume this means partial shade.Foxgloves spring to mind or anemones,or woodland bulbs such as bluebells or snowdrops.

star gaze lily

Astilbes like the shade and hydrangas,  ladys mantle, bleeding heart, hostas, hellebores, lupins, heucheras and some clematis. But as fishy said they do need watering.


Hardy geraniums


do any of these flower in summer?

Lupins, hardy geraniums and fuchsia's flower in summer so would some clematis.


Are you thinking of permanent planting or summer bedding? If the latter, fibrous rooted begonias or busy lizzies will both do well in shade and will flower all summer long. If it's the former, I can't think of many long flowering perennial plants for shade apart from alchemilla, dicentra, pulmonaria, pachysandra, vinca minor........Perhaps the addition of a variegated small shrub like Euonymus would brighten the spot up.


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